Fat biking tours in BreckenridgeWhat’s there to do in Breck when the slopes are closed? Well, there are actually endless possibilities. One of our favorite things to do incorporates some of our favorite activities: biking, hiking and drinking! That’s right! Get your drinking shoes on, because the staff at BOB is bringing you the Best of Breck’s boozey tours! Without further ado, we present our top quests to quench all thirsts:

1. RIDDEN offers local fat bike tours daily at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. all year long! Roll around town and along the scenic Blue River Rec Path on a high performance fat bike while checking out points of interest and Breckenridge history as you make your way to breweries, a distillery, the BreckCreate Arts District and more! Click on the link above to book your tour today!

  • Broken Compass Brewery: Situated 3.5 miles North of downtown, Broken Compass is a local favorite for enjoying tasty brews with friends and family, offering a causal atmosphere with community-style seating. Brewery tours are scheduled on arrival and a taster is included in with the fat bike tour package. Return transportation is provided and the total cost is $59.99.
  • Breckenridge Distillery: This nationally renowned and award-winning distillery offers fun, educational tours on their process from distillation to bottling, opportunities to watch master distillers in action, two tasting rounds which include vodkas, gin, spiced rum, bourbon and bitters. Return transportation is provided and the total cost is $59.99.
  • Art, Food & Wine: Coming Soon! Casually ride through Breckenridge’s historical Arts District and enjoy samples from local eateries as you discover hidden art gems and learn about Breck’s culture and origins.

2. Behind Swinging Doors Saloon Tour runs every Friday at 5 PM and only costs $15 per person. This is a fun and unique way to experience Breck’s notorious nightlife, learn about our town’s mining (and drinking) history and (who could forget) enjoy some libations! For an extra $5, you can get a commemorative Breckenridge Heritage Alliance and Breckenridge Distillery flask, because who doesn’t like a good old road soda? Visit the link above for more information.

3. Distillery Tours are FREE at the Breckenridge Distillery on Airport Road and run daily from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on the hour and half hour. A guide will join you on a walk around the distillery with complimentary tastings of various custom crafted spirits. The Distillery also offers after-hours VIP tours for groups of up to 20 people after 6 p.m. for a private experience and a comprehensive explanation of the company’s history and the science of distilling. You will also receive exclusive opportunities to sample unique products that haven’t been released to the public! Visit the link above for pricing. If you’re looking for something quicker, head to Main Street where they have the Downtown Tasting Room with free samples of all of their award-winning spirits.

4. A Summit County Brewery Tour runs daily at 11:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. and starts right at your front door, where the van picks you up as you ride in style on a five to six hour tour chalked full of thirst-quenching craft brews and customized fun for your group at each brewery. Joel Godfrey will chauffer and host you on your journey to each pub and brewery. There’s even a Colorado-themed trivia contest with prizes! For less than $100 per person, you will receive a free pint of beer AND free dining options at each stop along the way. FREE PINT OF BEER of your choice at each brewpub, plus FREE DINING options ranging from appetizers to full lunch platters! Visit their site link above or call them at (970) 468-7777.

When people usually think of Breckenridge, it is primarily as a ski town. But the phrase, “…moved here for the winter and stayed for the summer,” holds a lot of truth. The summer season in the mountains is routinely gorgeous, and there is more to do than you’d think.

Once all the snow is melted (or at least mostly melted), an array of other opportunities to adventure open up. Just name your favorite outdoor hobby and chances are you can find it in Breckenridge. Hiking? Check. Biking? Check, check. Fishing? Of course. Camping? Duh. Off-roading? Yep. You can even get in some boating down the road in the Dillon Reservoir.

Some of the best and most accessible hiking is right in town and around Summit County. Our favorites include:

Mohawk Lakes – This hike winds through some high alpine terrain then scales a granite face while passing mining ruins from the early days of Breckenridge. The hike ends with several high alpine lakes that are ripe for fishing, lounging or just enjoying the views. Wildlife can be encountered as well so please keep your distance.
Peaks Trail – This is a multi-use trail starting at the base of Peak 7 and stretching all the way to Frisco. If you’re in the mood for a day hike with everything from lively creeks to wide-open high alpine meadows to old growth forest, this is the hike for you.
Quandary Peak – This is the closest 14,000’ mountain to Breckenridge and is a great hike for those considering getting into hiking Colorado’s tallest peaks. By no means does that make it a beginner hike. Be sure to wear sunscreen and bring plenty of water. A rain jacket wouldn’t hurt as well considering the weather at that elevation changes extremely rapidly. However, the long uphill hike is worth the price of admission. If you’ve never been on top of a ‘14er’ the views are absolutely spectacular.
biking in BreckenridgeBiking is one of the most popular summer activities in Breckenridge and in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado as a whole. If you’re interested, you should check out one of our previous blogs: Back in the Saddle for all the gory details. A great resource that is cited in that blog is MTB Project. It will let you know the best trails around town and where they’re located.

Golf is a great way to pass the time during the summer and Breckenridge has a world class course with three 9-hole options. The course was designed by Jack Nicklaus and offers three very different types of golf. The Bear course is a links-style nine hole course that is open. The Elk Course is considered a mountain course with lots of elevation change and challenging natural obstacles. This is the most difficult of the three 9-hole options. Then, the Beaver Course is a combination of the other two and is unique and fun with slight elevation changes and a challenging layout.

If you’re more of an off-road enthusiast, Breckenridge and the surrounding areas offer great trails and stunning views from the tops of Peak 10 as well as access to several alpine lakes around the area. Most of these trails require four-wheel drive and a good amount of clearance and are not recommended for a passenger car. They can also be covered in snow early in the summer as it takes a month or two for the snow to truly melt away.

So, regardless of your leanings when it comes to summer outdoor adventures, chances are that Breckenridge has something to offer. Come see what it’s all about here in the high country of Colorado!

Breckenridge backcountryIf you’re an avid skier or rider, then you love powder. There’s really nothing else like the thrill that you get when soaring through the trees in thigh-deep snow. So, we’re sharing the local scoop on the ultimate (and slightly unknown) pow stashes in the forests of Breck. All the more reason to get up here and use your Breck getaway this winter!

Check out a map of the resort here, so that you can follow along.

PEAK 10 | ♦ ♦♦

If you’re looking for hidden pow in the woods, the North side of Peak 10 is where it’s at. Our favorite is called The Burn, and that it does. Beware of tight woods at the bottom of the run before you’re spit back onto Lehman, as well as the beginners that frequent that run. When exiting the trees, go slow and merge with oncoming skiers and riders.

The sweet spots aren’t confined to the North side of Peak 10; they can be found on the South side as well, but you’ll have to work a bit harder to reach them. Prepare yourself for a bit of a flat terrain along Flapjack run on your way out of the woods. Riders might not be as stoked as skiers, unless you have an awesome skier friend to push you along the way or you’re up for unstrapping and skating when necessary. The upside? Not many riders come here, so you will be playing in powder, not crowds.

There’s a catwalk on Peak 10 that isn’t labeled, but provides an awesome spot for you to pop in or out of the woods. Bang a sharp skier’s left off of Falcon SuperChair and make your way down this service road’s switch backs, hopping in and out of the forest as you desire. You will end up on Upper Lehman when you’re finished, with plenty of more terrain to enjoy on your way down.

PEAK 9 | ¦ ♦

Between Volunteer and Gold King runs on Peak 9, you can find some excellent terrain. Ride up to the top of Beaver Run SuperChair or C-Chair and make your way towards Gold King. This area has a narrow strip of really fun woods, enabling you to do a tree run even when your crew is looking for a groomer. Pop in and out of the thin forest as you please, or just wave to your friends, since they can see you easily from the run. Meet at the bottom and do it again!

PEAK 8 |♦ ♦♦

The South end of Contest Bowl is filled with woods and fresh snow. Ride up the T-Bar and hit the ridge along Horseshoe Bowl, also known as Alpine Alley. Play in the woods along the cornice, staying skier’s left, and then access the pow stashes below. Have fun!

Located underneath Rocky Mountain SuperChair and between Duke’s Run and Little Johnny, you’ll find some fun woods that often yield hidden powder. Since a mogul run is next to them, not many people mosey down this way, so you will have the place to yourself, and the pow, too!

Shredding with the kiddos? You can still have a blast in the trees. Rip’s Ravine is the perfect spot to teach them and is a Kids’ Adventure Zone, so you will be able to spot them easily throughout the run.

PEAK 7 |♦

Another great tree run with tons of fresh snow is called Lower Forget-Me-Not. You will hop on the Independence SuperChair again and act as if you are heading to the T-bar lift. Don’t get on the lift. Instead, turn into the second set of trees between the T-bar lift and the Claimjumper run for a ton of fun down Lower Forget-Me-Not. Or, you could hit our favorite tree run in the resort by dropping in the forest to the right, the first set of trees located below T-bar. This gully is like a half pipe made by Ullr, just for your enjoyment; that’s why locals call it Toilet Bowl. Hit it early in the day before it’s tracked out. Stay skier’s left in the woods for more pow and a bit of a challenge; just be careful as the trees get really tight before spitting you onto Claimjumper for some exciting rollers. Use caution when hitting them, as people might be resting below. ALWAYS use a spotter when hitting big rollers like this!

For more of a beginner run through the woods, head north of the Swan City run, where there are some great woods to play around in. The incline is minimal and you will end up at the Grand Lodge at Peak 7 when you’re finished. Stop by Sevens, the restaurant at the base of Peak 7. Warm up and grab some grub with friends while taking in the gorgeous view of what you just conquered.

Take the Independence SuperChair up Peak 7 and hit Ore Bucket at the top of the warming hut. You will see others zooming by on their way to the Kenosha SuperChair, but don’t mind them. You can access some sweet pow right here by dropping into the trees below. Enjoy the rest of the run down Wanderlust or Monte Cristo to give your legs a break.

PEAK 6 |♦

When getting off Kenosha SuperChair, turn hard skier’s right and head towards the trees around the Lost Cabin run and Xanadu run. You can find that fluffy good stuff here long after a blizzard, so it’s worth the trek between two lifts to access it. Enjoy!

6-CHAIR |♦

Don’t follow the crowds. When you hop off 6-Chair, take an immediate skier’s left towards Upper Four O’clock run towards the back of Contest Bowl. Instead of going over into Contest Bowl, stay skier’s right and play in the woods before hopping onto Frosty’s Freeway, which brings you back to 6-Chair. Be aware of hidden obstacles and cliffs if you stay too hard right before Frosty’s Freeway. If you’d like more of a challenge and are an expert rider, test your skills in the trees down Southern Cross or Lower Psychopath instead of opting for Frosty’s Freeway.

Take a seat on 6-Chair again and hang a hard skier’s right when you get off. Then, traverse a bit and pop onto any of the black diamonds to your left (we enjoy No Name and Solitude). Eventually, you will come out to some super fun woods, skier’s right of the lift and Frosty’s Freeway. There’s rarely anyone else in these trees, so have a blast! Since many of the tree runs accessed by 6-Chair intersect with other runs and obstacles, ALWAYS look around you, be aware of other skiers and riders, use proper mountain etiquette and don’t cross if it isn’t clear.

E-CHAIR | ♦♦

The Windows area is a local favorite for many reasons. Hit them early, though, or you might miss out. When you’re under E-Chair, take a sharp skier’s left and you will see the small gate to the Windows. The terrain here is for expert skiers and riders, so take note. The tight woods keep most of the crowds away, and you can find fresh snow in the gullies for days. Go slow and enjoy the adventure!

Clearly, there isn’t a lack of powder-filled woods on the hills of Breck; you just have to know where to go and when. The early skier or rider catches the fresh tracks, so get up for first chair and make the most of your day. You’ve already paid for your stay, so what are you waiting for? Secure the snowiest dates to shred Breckenridge before they are booked up. We recommend January, early February and early March, but Ullr dumped on us this past April, so anytime is a great time to be in the mountains, finding the freshies in the woods with your pals. See you in a few months!

*Please note that this content is written purely for informational purposes and BOB assumes no liability for those who attempt these runs. Any and all attempts at the above list of ski runs are the responsibility of the skier or rider. There are hidden obstacles and other shredders on the hill, so be careful, wear a helmet and follow the rules of the ski resort. The staff at BOB recommends skiing with a group as an added safety measure. Conditions vary, so ask the ski resort staff about the conditions prior to riding difficult terrain. Don’t forget: trees don’t move! So, go slow!!

Alpine slideWho says Breckenridge Ski Area is only for snow hounds? Did you know that the Peak 8 Fun Park is open with activities for most ages from mid-June through early September?

The Fun Park features adrenaline inducing features such as the Ten Mile Flyer zip line, the Alpine slide as well as less intense activities like Segway tours, gem panning, and the Mineshaft maze.

The Goldcoast coaster is a fun ride without being too scary that winds through the pine forest. Great for kids 8-15. For the little ones, there is a bounce house and of course, the mini golf is always a hit.

Here are some of great features of the Peak 8 Fun Park:

The Colorado chair is back open this summer as a six-pack lift with access to hiking and biking trails on Peak 8

The Kids’ Base Area offers three attractions for children weighing between 30 – 100lbs., including a small kids zip line, climbing wall, bungee trampoline, mini golf, bounce house, maze, and a kids summer tubing hill.

To access the fun park I recommend riding the Breck Connect gondola with parking at the transit center off Watson Avenue. The ride takes you over Cucumber Gulch wildlife area where people have recently spotted moose, deer, and beavers. The views are amazing so bring a camera!

If you go be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and bring water. A granola bar is great for a snack but the on-mountain dining options are also fantastic.

There are a couple options right on Peak 8 including Ski Hill Grill and the T-Bar for happy hour. Or take the gondola back to Peak 7 on a short ride to Sevens, located in the Grand Lodge on Peak 7. Their wood-fired pizza is fantastic and the deck is a great spot for happy hour or a sunny lunch.

Come join us during the lovely summer months and see why Breckenridge is a year round destination!

Fall in BreckenridgeAs you may already know, Breckenridge is renowned all over the world for its appeal to winter sports lovers, given its legendary snowfall and extended ski season. But, what you may not already know is that the fall season is one of the best times to visit Breck. Sure, you’ve likely heard rumors that Breck is a ski town, and those who believe that are really just limiting themselves when it comes to all that this town has to offer. Not only are our forests adorned with the gorgeous transformations that this season brings to the aspen groves, but there are countless other reasons to make sure to hit Breck this Autumn.


Who doesn’t like 60-degree weather, sunshine and fresh, moisture-free air? You can enjoy almost any outdoor sport without the hassle of overheating or exhausting yourself. So, whether you’re into drinking on patios outside or climbing 14ers, mother nature has got you covered.


Since the Fall isn’t a typical time for vacationers, the town is considerably less crowded and parking is abundant. Getting a table at the best eateries won’t be a problem and waiting in line to get on the gondola is a hassle that you won’t have to deal with.


Try your hand at frisbee golf, ATV riding, hiking, rock climbing, rafting, fishing, golfing, kayaking, leaf-peeping, horseback riding, biking, trail running and any other sport that gets you pumped up; it’s all at the tip of your fingers in Breck! Water levels decrease and the sun sets earlier, making this the perfect time to fly fish. Local stables offer scenic trail rides to showcase the foliage throughout the Ten Mile Range and dog sledding companies will bring you on unique, picturesque and exciting cart and scooter tours. Mining, ghost, and historic tours provide insight to the town’s culture and are very popular during this season.


The scenery in the mountains at this time of year is unreal. The foliage gradually changes in multiple stages, bringing the hills to life with green, yellow, orange, red and even purple seas of aspen leaves. Pair that with clear, sunny skies and just a touch of snow on the top of the peaks for a landscape that seems so perfect it could be on a postcard. Oh, wait… it actually already is!


Businesses are getting ready for winter, so the sales at local retail shops are significant. Even the restaurants offer discounts and specials, as well as dining passports that gives you access to half off meals and a ton of other deals. Additionally, lots of activities companies in the area offer generous savings on excursions that won’t disappoint.


There’s never a shortage of events in Breck. Fall is truly festival season in Breck with the annual Breck Oktoberfest, the Breck Wine Classic, Breck Film Festival, the Governor’s Conference, the International Snow Science Workshop, the family-friendly BGV Fall Fest, and the Still on the Hill Craft Spirits Festival. Wow! There certainly is a lot to take in during the Autumn months in Breckenridge.

You don’t want to miss autumn in Breckenridge. We can’t wait to see you up here for an amazing Fall season!!

Want a guaranteed warm day on the mountain? Skiing in the springtime is one of the best ways to guarantee sunshine weather on the mountain. Not only is the skiing some of the best, but there is also tons of free live music, events, and celebrations around this time of year!

Skiing in 20-degree weather in the middle of January is tough. No matter how many layers you put on the odds of feeling cold are day is significant. However, if you decide to ski in the spring, you are more than likely to be warm and even navigate the mountain better! There is plenty of snowfall this time of year too. The average snowfall during this time is around 60 inches! If you love to ride powder, this is the time to visit. Spend less time warming up in the lodge and more time on the hill!

Ever celebrated Saint Patrick’s day in Breckenridge? Hit up a local pub and get some authentic corn beef and hash! Most pubs and restaurants in Breckenridge have great specials going on and you’re bound to have a good time celebrating this tradition! Burke and Riley’s, as well as Salt Creek, are some of the local’s favorite places to celebrate this holiday. Or, sign up for the 5k race before indulging in all the food and beer.

Ever been to Breckenridge ski resort while the FREE Spring Concert Series is going on? After a day on the hill, ski down to the base of Peak 8 for some fun! The free concert series has tons of fun events going on and a free concert for each weekend during this event!

Oh wait, did you say beer? The annual Spring Beer Festival is also going on during this time of year. Local and domestic beer vendors line up Ridge Street in Breckenridge for unlimited beer! This event also offers live music and a fun theme each year where people dress up, drink beer, and dance! Come out for the event and explore new beers from one of Colorado’s many breweries!

The Rocky Mountains are pristine in the Spring. Call or click below to reserve your Spring getaway to Breckenridge!