What They’re Saying

“We love the staff! They have become family to us.”

Michelle Brozovich

“Great value and amazing facility!”

Lonnie Dillman

“The Grand Lodge experience has changed our whole outlook on vacation.”

Peter Herman

“Everything we’ve ever asked they’ve gone leaps and bounds above what we have asked.”

Leon Sekunda

“We’re so happy, we just bought another week at the Grand Colorado.”

Jackie Roberts

“Jolene was Awesome! We are ecstatic to return!”

Lonnie Dillman

“Great staff, looking forward to our new deal, selling our timeshare in Tahoe to move up to Breck!”

James Macdonald

“Our sales agent was very personable, knew the resort well, and worked hard to ensure we were comfortable. She was never too pushy and was very relatable and kind. I have heard horror stories about timeshare presentations, and this was not one of them! Thank you!”

Christen Schumacher