What to Expect:

So, why fractional real estate? We believe that fractional real estate is the perfect and most affordable alternative to second home ownership. Owning ski-in/ski-out property at a fraction of the cost. We want to give you the opportunity to create Grand vacations with us each year. Having a regular vacation is a benefit to your health, relationships and mood.

The Tour – Your personal preview of the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 lasts approximately 120 minutes. However, since each visit is custom-tailored to your family’s specific needs, the overall time may vary depending on your level of interest. During your personal preview, you’ll take a walk-through tour of the new resort and will learn why fractional real estate has become the preferred choice for traveling families. Your personal Sales Executive will share the many benefits associated with fractional real estate. During this time, you will be given a unique opportunity to become part of this unprecedented offer. Whether or not you act will be entirely up to you. We invite you to come to your preview tour with an open mind and learn how fractional real estate can enhance the quality of your family’s future vacation lifestyle.

The Location – The itinerary in your confirmation packet explains where you will begin the preview tour.

Closing the deal – You are under no obligation to buy. As a guest, you will have an opportunity to explore the exciting world of fractional real estate. Whether or not you purchase at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8, we want this preview tour to be another enjoyable part of your Breckenridge vacation.

Canceling – Typically reservations cannot be changed within a certain time frame prior to your arrival. This is due to the fact that we have already purchased your accommodations or gifts. Please review the detailed information about our cancellation and rescheduling policies on the Participation and Eligibility sheet in your confirmation packet.

Your Accommodations – We partner with many lodging locations in the area. Please see your Itinerary for the details of your stay.

What are the qualifications for my promotional offer? Click here or refer to the Participation and Eligibility document in your confirmation packet to verify you meet the minimum requirements.

If you have questions about your scheduled preview tour, please call 866-928-2687.