To qualify for a promotional package, a 90-minute tour of the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 is required. Guests who own a home and are married or in a committed relationship, must have an annual household income of $90,000 or greater.

Guests who do not own a home and/or are single, are required to have an annual household income of at least $150,000 to qualify for this promotional stay and/or gift.

Spouses, fiancés, live-in partners, and those in a cohabitating relationship, must attend this scheduled appointment.

If you are an existing owner with Breckenridge Grand Vacations, all parties of the ownership must attend the presentation together.

Any promotional gift incentives offered are done so at Breckenridge Grand Vacation’s sole discretion and there is no guarantee of any promotional gift incentive offered to any existing or prospective Breckenridge Grand Vacations owner. Guests currently furloughed or unemployed, do not currently qualify for this promotion.

In addition, only two preview tour packages are available to groups traveling together. One promotional gift is available per family every 12 months. Please call our reservations office for inquires.

Directions to your tour:

Your preview tour is at the Ownership Gallery, located inside the Grand Colorado on Peak 8. Make sure to show your parking valet voucher upon arrival for parking.

Parking for your Tour:

Please pull into the roundabout and present this complimentary valet parking voucher that is good for the duration of your preview tour.

Taking the Gondola?

Exit the gondola at the last terminal at the base of Peak 8, walk in front of the season pass/ticket office (it will be on your right) and take the small stairs to the right of the ski patrol area. Take the stairs up to Robbie’s Tavern restaurant. Enter through the double doors, and take a right. Go past the Concierge Desk and down the hall, through another set of double doors and find the Building 1 elevators on your left. Take that elevator to Level 5 for the Ownership Gallery.

Directions to your Lodging:

Find your accommodations marker and click on “Get directions.” Enter your starting location and directions will populate for you.