More Than a Ski Town – Summer in Breckenridge

When people usually think of Breckenridge, it is primarily as a ski town. But the phrase, “…moved here for the winter and stayed for the summer,” holds a lot of truth. The summer season in the mountains is routinely gorgeous, and there is more to do than you’d think.

Early in the summer, right after the ski resorts close, is a great time to dust off the golf clubs and hit the driving range. Usually, the weather is warming up and the skies are clear, so if the snow has melted away, go get your swing back in shape!

Another activity that works really well for the early summer season is getting out on your bike. Road cycling enthusiasts will usually find clear roads and little traffic as the spring break season is winding down. Watch out for freak storms that could drop unexpected snow, but otherwise, the weather is ideal for getting back into summer bike shape. Boreas Pass Rd is a great ride with beautiful views of the Ten Mile Range as a reward.

Once all the snow is melted (or at least mostly melted), an array of other opportunities to adventure open up. Just name your favorite outdoor hobby and chances are you can find it in Breckenridge. Hiking? Check. Biking? Check, check. Fishing? Of course. Camping? Duh. Off-roading? Yep. You can even get in some boating down the road in the Dillon Reservoir.